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One Family’s Story of Hope and Triumph over Evil

Author: Judy Stone, MD

Publisher: Mountainside MD Press

ISBN: 978-0-9749178-2-

Pub. Date: October 1, 2019

Price: $17.95

Format: Paperback

Trim size: 6 x 9

Pages: 384

Category: Biography & Autobiography / Historical

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“There is so much to admire in this wonderful book about horror, love, family, hate, endurance, and memory. . . . Stone’s voice is at once authoritative, thoroughly honest, and immeasurably understanding.”

David Dobbs, author of My Mother’s Lover and contributor to National Geographic and the Atlantic

The Unforgettable Story of a Family
That Survived History’s Darkest Chapter

Dr. Judy Stone, the daughter of Hungarian survivors of Auschwitz and Dachau, tells the story of her family’s strength and resilience during some of the most horrific events of the twentieth century.

Resilience is a study in human contrasts: kindness and callousness, tolerance and hatred, humanity and cruelty. During World War II, hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews suffered prejudice and discrimination, oppressive segregation, and wholesale murder at the hands of the Nazis. But like the flower that grows out of a rock—bringing solace to a battered but not yet broken soul—Stone’s family members clung to a seemingly impossible hope that they could endure. In Resilience, Stone reveals how her family survived these monstrous times and slowly rebuilt their lives, focusing on their inner strength and the good people they found.

This book not only provides testimony about the horrors of the Holocaust but also offers readers a connection to the rich heritage of Jewish life in Europe that has been largely lost.

“[Stone’s] connections between social conditions, disease, and survival results in more than just another family memoir of surviving Nazi death camps. . . . It probes the roots of resilience, considers hope, kindness, and gratitude in the face of suffering, and weaves these themes into an inspirational family memoir. . . . Highly recommended.”

            Midwest Book Review

“Resilience acts as a reminder of how dangerous it is for any community to allow the rights of others to be dented little by little because of racism and prejudice.”

            —The Lancet

Judy Stone, MD, is the daughter of Hungarian Holocaust survivors and has a longstanding interest in genealogy and family history. She also is an infectious diseases physician and the author of Conducting Clinical Research, which has been adopted as a textbook throughout the country. She is a Forbes Pharma and Healthcare contributor. Dr. Stone will donate the net profits from this book to organizations that promote Holocaust education.