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Resilience: One Family’s Story of Hope and Triumph over Evil

Dr. Judy Stone, the daughter of Hungarian survivors of Auschwitz and Dachau, tells the story of her family’s strength and resilience during some the most horrific events of the twentieth century. Join her as she learns how they survived and rebuilt their lives, focusing on hope and the good people they found. Readers will

  • Learn the story of one family who lived normal lives until they were removed from their homes and treated as less than animals by the Nazis.
  • Read firsthand accounts of the atrocities suffered by Jews during World War II.
  • See the resilience of the human spirit.
  • Gain an appreciation of how hope, kindness, connection, gratitude, and small gestures helped those who suffered.
  • Understand the lessons we need to learn so that history will not repeat itself.


This book not only provides testimony about the horrors of the Holocaust but also offers a connection to the rich heritage of Jewish life in Europe that has been largely lost.